How to Connect to Remote Desktop (StaffRDS)

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2020-03-18 22:37

How to Connect to Staff RDS for PC and Mac Users


For Windows

1. Open your start menu and begin typing the word "Remote". (There is no search bar but it will begin a search when you start typing) then click on "Remote Desktop Connection"


2. Then type, this will allow you to login to a server set up for remote access, using your tracks ID


3. The default setting will allow the clipboard to be accessed, but if you want to be able to drag and drop files into your computer's hard drive you can also enable local drives by clicking "Show Options" on the menu above. They will show up under the Computer menu on the server.


4. Once you click Options, then choose "Local Resources", and more and it will enable to file drag and drop option once you log in.

Remote Desktop Connection

5. Click OK.


6. Click on the "Advanced" tab, followed by the "Settings..." button under the 'Connect from anywhere' section.


7. A screen will pop up titled "RD Gateway Server Settings". Use these settings:

  • Under "Connection settings":
    • Server name: ""
    • Logon method: "Allow me to select later" (Default)
    • Check "Bypass RD Gateway server for local addresses" (Default)
    • Select "Use these RD Gateway server settings:"
  • Under "Logon settings":
    • Check "Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote server" (This keeps you from needing to login twice)


Remote Desktop - - Advanced tabRemote Desktop - - Gateway settings

8. Click 'OK', then 'Connect'.


9. Click on Choose another account, then enter your credentials, including the domain fltech:

10. Click OK, and the remote session will open.

11. Click OK to the Terminal Server Legal Agreement reviewing it if necessary.


Connecting from a Mac


*Note: The version of Microsoft Remote Desktop installed with Office products for Mac will not work. 


1. Once Microsoft Remote Desktop is downloaded, open it and click "Preferences."

2. When the "Preferences" screen pops up click the '+' in the lower-left corner to add a new gateway.

3. Use the following settings for the gatway:

  • Gateway name: "Portal"
  • Server: ""
  • User name: <add user account>
    • Username:fltech\username (i.e.: fltech\jdoe2000)
    • Password: YOUR_PASSWORD


4. Close this screen.

5. Back on the main page click the "Plus Button" (+), then click "Add PC"


6. Add the following settings:

  • PC name: ""
  • User account:  pick the user account that was created in the previous stages.
  • Friendly name: This can be whatever you like, we suggest: "StaffRDS"
  • Gateway: From the dropdown, select the Gateway you created in the previous section.
  • The rest of the options can be left in their default state.
  • There are many things you can configure if you go to the other tabs at the top of the "edit pc" window. There you can choose the Screen size and whether or not you want to share drives, etc.  All these are optional, and they can be left untouched if desired.


7. Close this page.


8. Double-click the connection from the main screen to connect to the server

9. It will then log you in.

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