Crawford Science Tower S300

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2014-06-02 14:55

Crawford Science Tower Computer Classroom Lab


Crawford Towers S300 

Software Titles

Windows 7 64bit
7zip Microsoft Project 2010 Professional
Activestate ActivePerl Microsoft Sharepoint 2010
Adobe Acrobat Reader Microsoft Visio 2010 Professional
Adobe SVG Viewer Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Pro (C++.NET, VB.NET, C#.NET, J#.NET)
AFPL Ghostscript Mozilla Firefox Web Browser
Alice v2.2 myITlab Plugin
ANSYS 14 National Instruments Labview Fall 2011
Apple Quicktime Player Netbeans IDE 7.2 - Java Development Environment
Audacity NoUnit package for Java
Bigloo Scheme Compiler Open Watcom 1.9 IDE for C++ and FORTRAN
BlueJ - Java IDE Office Suite
CLisp GNU 2.49 - LISP Interpreter Panda3d
DataFIT 6.1 - Curve Fitting and Data Plotting Software Polymath 6.2 2011-2012 - Computational Systems
Eclipse IDE ProEngineer/Creo 2.0
Exceed 2006 ProMechanica/Creo 2.0
Fluent 14 proTeXt w/MikTeX - TeX editing software
Free Pascal - Pascal Compiler PuTTY SSH/FTP
Gambit 14 Python 3.2
GHC - Haskell Compiler R Statistical Language
GIMP 2.8.0 - Image Editing Software Roxio CD/DVD Burning Utility
GNAT Ada95 Compiler with AdaGIDE Ruby 1.9.2 Compiler with SciTE editor
GSView - PostScript viewer SPSS 20.0 w/Advanced Toolboxes
Intergrated Data Viewer (IDV) SSH Secure Shell Client with SecureFTP Client
Itunes Subclipse plug-in for Eclipse
Java JDK 7 / JRE 7 TellMeMore ELS Plugin
JCreater LE with Java2 SDK Reference TeXnicCenter IDE
Jester package for Java Tortoisesvn
JUnit, JUnitX and JUnit-addons for Java WinAMP
Macromedia Flash Player Windows Media Player
Macromedia Shockwave Player XEmacs
Matlab 2012b w/ Toolboxes XMING
Microsoft Office 2010 Pro (Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Word, Access, Outlook)  

*This room is supported by Lab Support Services, Information Technology. Support requests can be forwarded to the Technology Support Center for processing by visiting their homepage at

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