How do I get started with Google Applications?

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2022-10-05 12:41

Google Applications encompass all things like the School Email, Calendar, Drive, etc. These are important resources for all On-Campus and Online Students.

Log in to TRACKS at with your username and password, and you'll be authenticated for Google services as well. In other words this will make it so that you do not have to re-login when moving between different Google Applications.

If you want to visit Google services directly, bookmark the Start Page as your browser's homepage. A dircet link to the Google Suite Dashboard can be found Here.


The main Google Applications for students are as follows:

Email -
Calendar -
Drive -
Chat - You can chat in your email account, but you can also use Google Hangouts -

If the above links do not redirect you to a Tracks login page and instead requrie a Google Email login, please login using your email address and TRACKS Password. This will be in the format [Your TRACKS Username]

If you have tried these methods and are still having issues regarding getting access to your Google Applications, it will be necessary for you to contact the Technology Support Center via email at


Faculty and Staff:

Email will not be migrated to Gmail for faculty and staff.  Faculty and Staff will be migrated to Microsoft Exchange.  You can request to be migrated to Exchange at any time by contacting the Technical Support Center at or enter a call ticket Here

Calendar -
Docs -
Chat - You can chat in your email account, but you can also use Google Hangouts -


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