How do I purchase software for university-owned computers?

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2016-06-16 17:56

Note: This document is for purchasing software for university-owned computers.

Obtaining software discounts for on-campus use

The software listed on this page is discounted for use on university-owned computers. The university has purchased several site licenses that do not require an additional purchase. If the software you need is not on the licensed software list, it may be discounted using the purchasing procedures below.

Purchasing Other Microsoft Software Products

Additional Microsoft software, not covered under the Microsoft Agreement or Site Licenses, may be purchased through the following preferred vendors.

Preferred Vendor 1: Software House International

Purchasing Adobe Software Products

Adobe software is discounted through its Contractual License Program. This agreement is facilitated through CDW-G.

Preferred Vendor: CDW-G

Purchasing Other Software Products

Please contact the Technology Support Center for assistance in purchasing a software product to fit your requirements.

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