How do I install NetExtender?

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2020-04-14 12:28

If you need to work from home, please try to use FortiClient instead of NetExtender.

This document details the steps to installing the Dell SonicWall NetExtender for VPN access to campus systems from off-campus or over a wireless network on-campus. Some systems, such as Banner, UDrive, and SDrive require this VPN connection. In addition to installing this software, a user must also be authorized by either a system adminstrator or a network administrator to connect via VPN.

Windows OS 

NOTE: These directions are for PCs running Windows. For Windows S users, please install SonicWall Mobile Connect from the Microsoft Store. For Mac OS X users, please see the Mac OS X instructions.

  1. Open the FIT VPN site: 

  2. Login with Tracks username and password.
  3. Select the Blue N icon to begin installing NetExtender. Follow the button that says 
  4. From that page, select the NetExtender install for Windows.
  5. Run the downloaded installer with the default options. Ensure you accept the license agreement.
  6. Once installed, NetExtender should open. Fill out the following information and click "Connect"

NOTE: The server is and the domain is When signing into SonicWall Mobile Connect the username will be even if you do not have an email


Mac OS

  1. Navigate to the Mac OS App Store
  2. Search SonicWall Mobile Connect and install from the App Store
  3. Create a new Connection and enter the following information:
    Username: TRACKS Username
  4. Upon login it will ask for your password. Enter your TRACKS password


The user should be able to access FIT site services such as Banner, UDrive, and SDrive.

If when connecting you get the error "No routes found." Please ensure that you were granted permission. If you just recently were granted permission, please restart your device.

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