How can I access my UDrive?

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2021-03-15 01:01

This outlines the methods available to access your UDrive both on and off-campus. Various methods to access your home directory are listed below.


Using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)


Mapping a Network Drive on your Mac or PC

To map UDrive as a network drive, you must be on a FIT network (On Campus) or using the the VPN Client. Please see the following FAQs for more information: How to Map A Network Drive and How do I install NetExtender?


Using SSH (Secure Shell) for a CLI (Command Line Interface) connection.

  • Using SSH depends on your Operating System (OS). For detailed SSH instructions, see the FAQ: How to use SSH.
    • Windows: If you are using Windows, you must first obtain an SSH client, many of which are freely available online.
    • Mac OSX: If you use a Mac running OS X or above, you can use Terminal an application native to the operating system, which can be found by going to the hard drive, selecting the "Applications" folder, and then the "Utilities" folder. Inside will be the Terminal application. Launching it will bring you to a Unix terminal where you can run SSH.
    • Linux: Most Linux distributions ship with an SSH client installed and are available using a terminal window.
  • Use SSH to connect to "", using your TRACKS username and password.
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