What Scantron services do you offer and how can I use them?

Tech Support
2016-06-29 15:21


The Technology Support Center maintains a Scantron iNSIGHT 4™ optical mark reader as a data entry tool along with a PC running Windows XP and several customized software packages.

Exam Grading

Faculty who wish to grade multiple choice exams can use this setup. The ParScore software allows an instructor to set up a roster for his class at the beginning of the term and maintain records of all exams and quizzes. Item analyses and other statistics can be extracted.

Faculty Evaluations

Faculty evaluations are done at the end of each term and are processed using the Scantron iNSIGHT 4™. Results are typically emailed to deparment administrative assistants or other representatives after processing. 

Scheduling an Appointment to Use the Scantron

Faculty or staff members who know how to use the Scantron machine may walk-in to the Technology Support Center to use it without an appointment between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. However, scheduled appointments will take presidence over walk-ins.

If you do not know how to use the Scantron machine and will require assistance from a Lead Technician, please call the Technology Support Center at (321) 674-7284 and schedule an appointment.

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