How do I connect my computer to the campus network?

Tech Support
2018-03-23 11:17

To connect to the campus network you will need either a standard 10/100 ethernet card and cat-5 cable, or an 802.11b or 802.11g compatible wireless adapter.


Then you will need to find your MAC address in order to register it. If your computer has more than one network adapter (for example bother wired and wireless) then you'll need to register both MAC addresses (or whichever one you intend to use.)


Once you're on campus, you will need to register your device online at This site is only accessible on-campus, and if you are connecting to the network in a dorm, this is the only web site you'll be able to reach until your network registration is complete.


If you can't get to this site from your own computer you can register using a student-use computer on campus (we have one in the tech support office as well) just remember to bring your MAC address(es) with you.

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