How do I connect my computer to the campus network?

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2020-04-07 11:41

Wireless device (Phone, Laptop, etc.)

If your device has a web browser, you can register using the "PanthAir Registration" wireless network. If it does not have a web browser, the following instructions can be followed by an already connected device such as a lab computer or personal laptop on campus.

  1. Connect to PanthAir Registration in your device WiFi settings.
  2. Open
    (You may need to type this into the web browser if not automatically redirected on step 1)
  3. Enter your device description.
  4. If connected to "PanthAir Registration", your "MAC Address" field should have been auto-filled. Otherwise enter it here.
    (This can be found here)
  5. Leave "Building/Location" blank and instead check "Wireless Device."
  6. Agree to the policy and select Register Device.
  7. From your device WiFi settings you can now disconnect from "PanthAir Registration" and connect to "PanthAir."

Wired device (Desktop, game console, etc.)

  1. Connect device to an active Ethernet connection.

    (You can verify the port is active if the Green/Orange lights on your device's Ethernet port activate. If they do not activate or you are unsure, Contact the Technology Support Center to schedule an appointment to check)
  2. Follow instructions for Wireless Device from Step 2 from an already connected device using your Wired Device's MAC Address.


To connect to the campus network you will need either a standard 10/100 ethernet card and cat-5 cable, or an 802.11b or 802.11g compatible wireless adapter.


Then you will need to find your MAC address in order to register it. If your computer has more than one network adapter (for example bother wired and wireless) then you'll need to register both MAC addresses (or whichever one you intend to use.)


Once you're on campus, you will need to register your device online at This site is only accessible on-campus, and if you are connecting to the network in a dorm, this is the only web site you'll be able to reach until your network registration is complete.


If you can't get to this site from your own computer you can register using a student-use computer on campus (we have one in the tech support office as well) just remember to bring your MAC address(es) with you.

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