Where is there wireless access on campus?

Tech Support
2020-04-08 18:29

Wireless access points include: The Academic Quad, Clemente Center, College of Business, Columbia Village Commons Building, Denius Student Union Building, Evans Cafeteria, Evans Library, Keuper Administration Building, Link Engineering Building, Olin Engineering Complex, Olin Life Sciences, Olin Physical Sciences, Psychology, Shepard and the Skurla Aeronautics Building.

In order to access the wireless network you need to register your computer at http://gatekeeper.fit.edu after connecting to PanthAIR Registration. Once you have successfully registered your device, please change your WIFI connection to PanthAIR as this is the main network used on campus.

For more details on how to connect your device to the WIFI or network please click Here.

For more information about our wireless network please see the IT Wireless Networks page.

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