How do I create a central email for my student organization? (Google Groups Email Address)

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2015-01-14 21:45

Google Groups is a feature provided by your Google Account that allows users to create a shared email address under the domain. It gives the Group Owner the ability to add and remove users from the group as needed. 


How to create a Google Groups Email Address:


1. Open your email from

2. Click on Apps from the TRACKS Menu



3. Select Groups from the window that comes up (You may have to click More to see it)GG2


4. Select My Groups from the side menu



5. Select Create Group from the top bar



6. Choose your Group name, Group email address and Group description



7. Select Group Type and Basic Permissions



8. Click Create from the top bar



9. Your Group has been created, click Okay



10. To set the ability for anyone to send to (Post) to the group, click Manage in the top right corner of your group’s topic page



11. Select Basic Permissions in the left pane



12. Click the Select groups of users under the Post option and check all the Groups and Users listed



13. Select Posting Permissions in the left pane



14. Click the Select groups of users under the Post As The Group option and check all the member types you want to have permissions to send on behalf of the group email address



15. Click the My Settings icon in the top, right corner of your group’s topic page and select Membership and email settings


16. In the Membership settings window, click the menu to choose an email subscription option:

  • No Email: You do not want to receive messages to the group in your Gmail inbox, and will only use the Google Groups interface to read and respond to messages
  • Daily Summaries: You want to receive a summary email of new messages once a day
  • Combined Updates: You want to receive 25 messages bundled into a single email
  • All Email: You want to receive an email for each message that is sent to the group



17. To add members, click Manage in the top right corner of your group’s topic page



18. You can Invite members or Direct add members to the group in the left pane



19. When you Direct add members, you can choose their Email subscription options at the time of their addition



20. When you are finished adding members and choosing the Email subscription options, click Add on the top bar



21. For more options and settings, please follow this link,



If you are part of an organization (Example, Student Government Association) and the associated email ( is taken by someone no longer reachable, you will need to get your faculty sponsor to email with the name of the president of the organization, asking that they are given ownership of the Group.

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