How to Install FortiClient VPN and Configure it for Off-Campus Computers

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2016-12-05 12:43

Purpose and Scope

This procedure aims to familiarize IT users with the steps to install and configure the FortiClient VPN. 



  1.  To download the client, open a web browser to the following address:
  2.  Login with your domain and password.
    VPN Login
  3. If FortiToken is configured, you will receive a prompt to enter your token.
    FortiToken Prompt

  4. Once you Login, the webpage will fully load.
    FortiClient Operating System Selection

  5. Select the appropriate "FortiClient" for your computer OS to begin the FortiClient download process.
  6. Launch the executable and click Yes to accept.
    User Account Control Prompt

    FortiClient Installer

  7. Check the box to accept the License Agreement and click the Next button.
    FortiClient Setup Wizard Splash

  8. Click the box for VPN Only.
    FortiClient Setup Software Selection

  9. Accept the default Destination Folder and click the Next button.
    FortiClient Setup Select Destination

  10. Click the Install button.
    FortiClient Setup Ready to Install

    FortiClient Setup Installation Status

  11. Click the Finish button.
    FortiClient Setup Completion Window

  12. Launch FortiClient and click the link to Configure VPN.
    FortiClient VPN Window

  13. Configure the SSL-VPN only with the following settings:
    1. Connection Name – Enter the name for the VPN connection.
    2. Remote Gateway – The VPN address is
    3. Chose the option to Save login.
    4. Username – Enter your username (optional).
      FortiClient Edit VPN Connection
  14. Click the Apply button.
  15. Click the Close button.
  16. A fully configured FortiClient VPN will present the following screen:
    FortiClient Login Screen

  17. Enter your password and click the Connect button. (Notice the status message – Status: 45%.)
    FortiClient Connection Status Pre Token

  18. The FortiClient will now prompt for the FortiToken:
    FortiClient Prompt for FortiToken

  19. Enter the FortiToken code and click the OK button to complete the VPN process.




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