Olin Life Science 130

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2013-02-28 21:06

Olin Life Science Classroom 130


Olin Life Science 130

Room Reservations:

To reserve this department multimedia classroom, you may submit a reques through the campus EMS system at:http://events.fit.edu/ 


Electronic KeyCard Access:

This room is NOT equiped with an electronic key-access swipe. For physical key access, please contact the IT department directly.


Computer System Hardware Specifications:

  • System Type: Dell Optiplex 980
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 3.33GHz
  • RAM: 4.00GB
  • Video Card: ATI Radeon HD3450 SE 256MB dedicated



Instructor Equipment:

*To request specific event support for a room reservation, please contact Instructional Technologies' Event Support.

  • Projector
  • Projector Screen
  • Crestron ePanel
  • Document Camera
  • Sympodium Display Panel (w/Pen Tray)


 Standard Software

 Software List:

7zip Microsoft Office 2010 Pro (Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Word, Access, Outlook)
Activestate ActivePerl Microsoft Project 2010 Professional
Adobe Acrobat Reader Microsoft Visio 2010 Professional
Adobe SVG Viewer Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Pro (C++.NET, VB.NET, C#.NET, J#.NET)
AFPL Ghostscript Mozilla Firefox Web Browser
Alice v2.2 myITlab Plugin
ANSYS 14 National Instruments Labview Fall 2011
Apple Quicktime Player Netbeans IDE 7.2 - Java Development Environment
Audacity NoUnit package for Java
Bigloo Scheme Compiler Open Watcom 1.9 IDE for C++ and FORTRAN
BlueJ - Java IDE OpenOffice.org Office Suite
CLisp GNU 2.49 - LISP Interpreter Panda3d
DataFIT 6.1 - Curve Fitting and Data Plotting Software Polymath 6.2 2011-2012 - Computational Systems
Eclipse IDE ProEngineer/Creo 2.0
Exceed 2006 ProMechanica/Creo 2.0
Fluent 14 proTeXt w/MikTeX - TeX editing software
Free Pascal - Pascal Compiler PuTTY SSH/FTP
Gambit 14 Python 3.2
GHC - Haskell Compiler R Statistical Language
GIMP 2.8.0 - Image Editing Software Roxio CD/DVD Burning Utility
GNAT Ada95 Compiler with AdaGIDE Ruby 1.9.2 Compiler with SciTE editor
GSView - PostScript viewer SPSS 20.0 w/Advanced Toolboxes
Intergrated Data Viewer (IDV) SSH Secure Shell Client with SecureFTP Client
Itunes Subclipse plug-in for Eclipse
Java JDK 7 / JRE 7 TellMeMore ELS Plugin
JCreater LE with Java2 SDK Reference TeXnicCenter IDE
Jester package for Java Tortoisesvn
JMP Pro / SAS Corp. WinAMP
JUnit, JUnitX and JUnit-addons for Java Windows Media Player
Macromedia Flash Player XEmacs
Macromedia Shockwave Player XMING
Matlab 2012b w/ Toolboxes  

















*This room is supported by Lab Support Services, Information Technology. Support requests can be forwarded to the Technology Support Center for processing by visiting their hompage at http://www.it.fit.edu


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