Olin Physical Science 144

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2014-10-21 16:21

Olin Physical Science: Classroom 144



Olin Physical Science 144

Room Reservations:

To reserve this department multimedia classroom, you may submit a reques through the campus EMS system at:http://events.fit.edu/ 


Electronic KeyCard Access:

This room is NOT equiped with an electronic key-access swipe. For physical key access, please contact the IT department directly.


Computer System Hardware Specifications:

  • System Type: Dell Optiplex 980
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 3.33GHz
  • RAM: 4.00GB
  • Video Card: ATI Radeon HD3450 SE 256MB dedicated



Instructor Equipment:

*To request specific event support for a room reservation, please contact Instructional Technologies' Event Support.

  • Projector
  • Projector Screen
  • Crestron ePanel
  • Document Camera
  • Sympodium Display Panel (w/Pen Tray)


*This room is supported by Lab Support Services, Information Technology. Support requests can be forwarded to the Technology Support Center for processing by visiting their hompage at http://www.it.fit.edu

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