How to create an additional MySQL database?

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2018-09-11 10:52

The TRACKS account enables  students to create personal databases. The inital database can be created using the instructions found here.

These databases should be for academic or research use. Commercial use is prohibited. This section outlines the steps you will need to take to create additional databases after your primary one has been created using the insructions above..


Access database panel.

How to reset the password?

  • Using the "Request for MySql Database" page again will reset the password of your old database if you already have one (without deleting your data).
  • Visit and login using your TRACKS account.
  • Type in a new password which satisfies the requirements stated on the page.
  • Click "Submit" to set the password.

Creating another database.

  1. Log into PHPMyAdmin as explained above.
  2. Click on the "Home" button in the upper left.

  3. Click on "Databases" of the central window.

  4. Under the "Create Database" section, you should see "udb_tracks" where tracks is your TRACKS username.

  5. APPEAND "_name" to the end where name is the unique name of the additional database.

  6. The final entry needs to be of the format "udb_tracks_name". The format is very important so that your user account has the correct permissions to the database.
  7. Click the "Create" button.
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