What should our department do if we cannot edit our own site for a short time due to staff changes?

Tech Support
2020-04-09 08:50

Florida Tech Web Services believes that only through cooperation, communication, dedication, and a strong sense of shared purpose across the university is a consistent, high quality web presence made possible.

We are dedicated to supporting and enabling all areas of the university as we work together to achieve our objectives.

Staff Changes

All departments are required to notify Web Services of any staff turnover, extended leaves of absence or other circumstances that lead to the absence of your Content Manager.

Under such extenuating circumstances, Content Support Services may be requested and obtained - temporarily - from the Web Services editorial staff until the extenuating circumstances have been dealt with and the department can allocate a suitable replacement. Please use our online request form at http://webservices.fit.edu/ to request support.


Content Managers are required to notify Web Services in advance of any extended leaves or planned vacations so that we can provide the needed supplemental assistance and coverage to ensure continued site quality.

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