How to Map a Network Drive (U and S drives)

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2019-01-08 23:56

NOTE: Accessing UDrive and SDrive in this manner is not available from non-FIT networks (off campus) due to security issues. For access from non-FIT networks (Off Campus Access), please see the following FAQ: How can I access my UDrive?

Windows 7 (See Mac Instructions)

  1. Go to the Start icon and right click on Computer
  2. Select "Map Network Drive" option
  3. In the Map Network Drive window, select the drive letter from the dropdown list adjacent to Drive
  4. Type the name of the location of the folder to be mapped: 
    1. For UDrive \\\[Your TRACKS USERNAME]. (for example: \\\exampleusername)
    2. For SDrive \\\foldername
      map A Netwrok Drive 3
  5. Check the checkbox for "Connect using different credentials"
  6. Click Finish button in the Map Network Drive window
  7. When a dialog box appears, enter your username as FLTECH\[Your TRACKS USERNAME] and your TRACKS account password in the password field.
    Map A Network Drive 4
  8. You can now see the mapped network drive on the Computer window.

Mac OS X 10.7

  1. From the Apple Menu, select the "Go' menu.
    Map Mac Network Drive
  2. Select "Connect to Server."
    Map Mac Network Drive
    1. Udrive: Type smb://[Your TRACKS username] in the server address box, for example smb://, click the  + to add the server to the list
    2. SDrive:Type smb://[foldername or share] in the server address box, click the  + to add the server to the list
      Map Mac Network Drive
  3. Click Connect
  4. Enter your TRACKS username (you can try fltech/username, if you find you are having trouble connecting) and password when prompted.
    Map Mac Network Drive
  5. The home directory will now be available on your desktop and the finder. You may have to browse to your specific folder with your username to open it.

Map Mac Network Drive

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