How to use SSH

Curtis Robinson
2020-10-21 16:20

This page gives instruction on how to remotely access computer resources at Florida Tech's using SSH.

  1. Introduction
  2. What is SSH?
  3. What do I need for access?
  4. How do I use the Unix SSH client?
  5. Who do I ask for help?
  6. Where do I find help with the unix commands?
  7. How can I run graphical programs remotely?

1. Introduction

Remote access to UDrive files and directories is available through the server.  You will need your TRACKS username and password to log into this server.

Once you login to you will be in your TRACKS home directory (UDrive). Files saved in this home directory will be immediately available on the "U:" drive on the Microsoft Windows computers in any of the windows computer labs are immediately accessible from your home directory on the unix workstations, and vice versa.  That is because the "U:" drive and your unix home directory are exactly the same folder, and your password for all operating systems is managed by TRACKS.

2. What is SSH?

SSH stands for Secure SHell, and is a client/server application that allows remote users from most operating systems to access remote Unix servers.  Since your "U:" drive and your Unix home directory are exactly the same folder, this allows you to access files saved in you Windows logins as well.  SSH is the recommended way to access files and run remote sessions.  SSH is a complete and secure replacement for TELNET, FTP, and RSH protocols.  SSH encrypts all information between the SSH client and server therefore there is very little chance for someone to intercept information you are sending or recieving from the login server.  More information about SSH can be found at

3. What do I need for access?

Most operating systems have an SSH CLI built in, accessible by the terminal/command prompt. You can alternatively use a SSH Client.

You will also need your TRACKS username and password.

4. How do I use the Unix (Linux) SSH client?

At a Unix command prompt.  Type "ssh" followed by the name of the server you would like to connect to, eg. "ssh".  SSH can also be used like RSH, that is execute a remote command then exit, eg. the command "ssh finger" would run the "finger" command on Code01 then exit (same as "finger").  You can use public-key encryption with ssh which would allow you to log into a remote machine without having to type in a username and password everytime.  More information can be found with the "man ssh-keygen" command and the "man ssh" command. 

5. Who do I ask for help?

Enter a support request at  You can fill out an online trouble ticket with any questions you may have.

6.  Where can I find help with Unix commands?

There are lots of unix help sites on the web, try a search on Google.

7. How can I run graphic applications remotely?

This is achieved through the use of Xming.

Xming is a free X window server for Windows operating systems. It allows the user to run Linux graphical applications remotely. For example, if you were to ssh into, through one of the applications listed above, and type gedit or eclipse while Xming is running on your local machine a new window will popup running the program.

For more information please visit the following site Getting Starting With Xming

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