What do I need to know about Google's Documents and Spreadsheets?

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2022-10-03 01:05

It's a web-based word processing and spreadsheet application. It can help us collaborate on projects from anywhere. Your documents are stored online. You and anyone you invite to collaborate can access the document from any internet-connected computer, and make changes simultaneously. Multiple people can make changes at once, and everyone's changes show in real-time.

You can get started right away by creating a new document or by uploading a file from your computer. Since the products are integrated, you can use your email account Contacts list to invite people to view or edit your documents.

Google Drive is the online storage system inplace that can be used to store Google Docs, Sheets or Slides. All of these can be created inside the Drive as well. To access your drive please click Here. 

To login/Access your Drive please use your Florida Insitute of Technology Email and Password. Your email is in the format "[Your TRACKS username]@my.fit.edu". If you are having issues with your password please click Here.

Note: There are usually no issues between converting Word documents or Excel spreadsheets to Google Docs and Sheets respectively however there can sometimes be issues where formatting errors appear. Further formulas tyoed using the equation function do not transfer between Docs and Word correctly. Along with this Excel Macros do not transfer over to Google Sheets either.

More Tips
Revision history -- Individual edits are kept so you can see who made changes and revert back, if necessary.
Search -- Just like the rest of Google products, you can harness the power of Google search to look for a document you haven't edited in months.
Security and privacy -- You choose who sees your document. Other users can only access your document or spreadsheet if you add them to the list of collaborators or viewers, or if you decide to publish the document.

For more information regarding the Google Applications and Suite please click Here.

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