What options do I have for accessing my student email?

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2022-10-03 01:03

Your Florida Tech student email is a GSuite account with access to a Gmail mailbox.

The primary option for access is the Gmail Website, accessible by: http://my.fit.edu

It's packed with exciting features and integrated with other Google services. In your online email account, you can chat with your contacts, create filters to organize your inbox before new mail arrives, schedule calendar events, map addresses in your messages, and track postal packages.

Alternative access options include:

Gmail.com (any Google login)
When prompted for your email, you can enter your full Florida Tech email. Please note, your email address is in the form TRACKS@my.fit.edu. This will then redirect you to the CAS login screen:

Configuring instructions are very similar to Gmail. In your mail client, anytime you're asked for an email address, enter your full email address (username@my.fit.edu).

The incoming server is imap.gmail.com and outgoing server is smtp.gmail.com.


For any device, the easiest option is to download the Gmail app. This can be found on Android and iOS.

Alternatively, you can add your email address as a standard Gmail account through your device's system settings. Please note, your email address is in the form TRACKS@my.fit.edu. Ex: ppanther1958@my.fit.edu

More Information / Help

For more information on configuring with other clients, visit Google Support

For more information on configuring mobile devices, visit Google Support for Mobile Devices



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