How do I request more information from an event manager for an event?

Tech Support
2012-10-19 16:29

To request information for an EMS event, you use the Request Event Info option on the Manage Events page to request information from the Event Requester for a selected event that has been pulled into the Master Calendar from an EMS Room Reservation System.

  • On the Admin menu, point to Events and Special Dates, and then click Manage Events.
  • Click the EMS tab to open it. This tab shows all the events that have been pulled from an EMS database into Master Calendar via a connector.
  • Select the event or events for which you need more information from the EMS Contact, and then under Action, click Request Event Info.
  • The Request Event Info dialog box opens.
  • Eneter any questions that you would like to request of the EMS Contact, and then click Send.
  • Click OK in the prompt about sending an email to request more information.
  • Click OK in the confirmation message.

The email is sent to the Event Requester for the selected event. The email contains a "Fill Out More Info" link that the Event Requester can clcik to open an Additional Info page on which they can enter or edit information.

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