How do I add additional info for an on-campus event?

Tech Support
2012-10-19 16:27

After submitting an on-campus event, it may be necessary to add additional information, like a description, images or files to help promote an event. To add additional information:


As a user:

General users must wait to recieve an email from the campus calendar to add additional information.

  • Click the " link in the email
  • Add additional information, such as a description, image, attachments.



Note: If you do not recieve an email please contact the Calendar Manager associated with the calendar your event will be displayed on.


As a Calendar Manager:

  • Click the "Calendar Admin Login" at the bottom of the Campus Calendar Homepage.
  • If you are in the Calendar View page, select My Options, then Login.
  • Select "Admin", then "Manage Events."

  • Click the event you wish to add indormation.
  • Select the appropriate "booking" by checking the box and then click edit.
  • Add the additional information and click Save.

For any questions, please contact Tech Support at or (321)674-7284

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