How can I submit an off-campus event?

Tech Support
2012-10-19 16:19

When you submit an event, you become the Event Manager. To submit an off-campus event:

  • Click the "Submit Event" on the Campus Calendar homepage or on the Calendar View page.
  • Select "Off-Campus" on the Submit Event page and clcik Submit.
  • Login using your TRACKS username and password to access the event submission page.
  • Fill the event title.
  • Indicate when the event should be published on the calendar.
  • Select the calendars you would like to promote your event on (Note: All require approval by a Calendar Manager before the event is published on a particular calendar).
  • To select multiple calendars click the "Lookup" Icon and check all the calendars that apply.
  • Select and event type that best describes the event.
  • Enter the location for the event.
  • Choose your department by clicking the "Lookup" icon and click apply.
  • Add an event description. (Note: The description should be detailed and should inform users about the event).
  • If you have an image that supports your event, clcik the "Add Image" link and upload an image. This image will show in the Event Details screen for users.
  • Enter the event time information.
  • Add attachement (ie. Brochures, fliers, etc.) by clicking the "Attachments" Tab and uploading the documents.
  • Click Preview to review your event and then click Submit.

For any questions, please contact Tech Support at or (321)674-7284. Any questions on sharing, filtering, and managing an event, please refer to the FAQ's in the Master Calendar category.

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