Where do I obtain FortiClient VPN installers?

Nancy Brenes
2020-04-02 15:21

How do I obtain the FortiClient VPN

If you are on a University owned laptop or PC the software may already be installed, please check your installed programs.

If FortiClient is not installed and you computer is running Windows, please click on the Start button and type in Software, open the result for Software Center. Once there select Applications on the left side and look for Forticlient


If you do not have the program in software center or if you are on a personal system, you can find the installer below depending on your operating system. 

For Windows - Click HERE

For Mac - Click HERE

How do I configure FortiClient VPN?

Once the application is installed, you will need to select to add a new connection. Follow the settings in the image below.


After the connection is configured proceed to log in with your TRACKS credentials

 If the connection seems to stop at 40%, please look at your task bar in the bottom and check if there is a second instance of FortiClient asking you to accept a certificate, if it is, please accept the certificate.

Once the connection has been established your application should look like the image below


You are now ready to map or access shared drives or network protected resources. 

For any issues configurating your connection, please contact the Technology Support Center at 321-674-7284

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