How do I find my MAC Address?

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Blackberry Phones


iOS (iPhones, iPods, iPads)



For windows users, finding the MAC address has a totally different process. Users will have to open their command prompt window; this can be done by searching "cmd" in the start menu, or by going to the run option, and running "cmd."




The following window should pop up when you hit ok.




You should then run the following command, "getmac /v" which will provide a list of all the MAC addresses which are on the system.



The sequence of number and letters listed under Physical Address will be the MAC address. You can then choose which one you are looking for. (We have blacked out a partofour Physical Address for security reasons.)






There are several ways to find your MAC addresses on a Mac computer. The most common way of finding the MAC address is by opening the system prefernces menu, and selecting the network preference.





Once in the Network Preferences you may choose your ocnnection type within the white field on the left hand side of the screen.





After selectng your connection, proceed by pressing the advanced button.





The Mac address will be shown as the WI-FI address for wireless connections; for each connection type you may follow the same steps and the MAC address will be listed in the advanced tab in the same position as the WI-FI address shown in the picture above.


Blackberry Phones


To find the Media Access Control (MAC) address of a Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry smartphone, complete the steps below, according to the version of BlackBerry device software installed on the smartphone:


BlackBerry® Device Software 4.5 to 5.0:

  1. From the Home Screen click on Options.
  2. Next click Status.
  3. The WLAN MAC field displays the MAC address for the BlackBerry smartphone .

BlackBerry® Device Software 6.0 to 7.0:

  1. From the Home Screen select Setup.
  2. Next select Options.
  3. Next select Device.
  4. Then select Device and Status Information.
  5. The WLAN MAC field displays the MAC address for the BlackBerry smartphone.



The first step will require you to tap on the Menu Key and then go to Settings




Android Screenshot 1.


Next, you will need to tap on the Wireless and Networks.

Android Screenshot 2


Now you will need to tap on the WIFI Settings, within this selection, you should see an option named "advance settings;" the MAC Address for your device should be displayed.


Android Screenshot 3


Please note that this tip will not work on every Android device.







(The pictures were screenshots taken from the following website:

iOS Devices (iPhone, iPod, and iPad)


You can get the MAC address of your iOS device by following some simple steps.


First you will need to tap on the Settings Icon.


iOS screenshot 1


IOS screenshot 2


Next, you will need to tap on general.


iOs screenshot 3


The next step will require you to tap on About. You will then scroll down and look for the WIFI address. The MAC address will be displayed.


iOS screeshot 4


These steps will work on all iOS devices.

(The pictures above are screenshots taken from the following website,



Open a command shell. Depending on your system, this may be called Xterm, Shell, Terminal, Command Prompt, or something similar. It can usually be found under Applications > Accessories (or the equivalent).


Next Type /sbin/ifconfig and press Enter. If you are denied access, enter su –c “/sbin/ifconfig” and enter the root password if prompted.


You will  then look for your HWaddr. This is your MAC address.


linux screenshot 1

(This image was taken form the following website:























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