How do I take a screenshot?

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2012-11-07 02:36

A screen shot is a useful tool to help someone see what is happening on your screen. You end up saving it as a picture file that can then be emailed to someone.


To take a screenshot on a Windows Machine:

1. On your keyboard there is a button that says print screen, find it and press it.




Then Open Paint, and select Edit then Paste or Press CTRL + V.

You should see your screen shot. Go to File> Save As, make sure you save it some where you can find it again, like My Documents or on the Desktop. To send it to us you can attach it to an email.

You can also paste it directly into an email or a Word/ Powerpoint document depending on what you need it for.



Windows 7 has a snipping tool, this allows you to take just selections of your screen. To use it, click on the start menu, in the search box type snipping tool. Once you click New it will allow you to selct a portion of the screen. You can then save that selection or Copy it.



For Macintosh Computers

If you press Command (the curly cue key) + Shift 3 it create a screenshot and save it to your desktop. You can then email it to us.



If you press Command +Shift +4 a cross hair cursor will appear and you can select the specific thing you want in the screenshot.

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