Purchasing Computers for University Use

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2022-11-15 14:53

This article is for Staff/Faculty purchasing work computers. 

Every computer purchased with university resources goes through an approval process. All university computer and laptop  purchases must be made using a purchase order. P-Cards are strictly prohibited. Please check with Procurement Services to make sure you are within their most current policy before making a purchase.

A well configured system should serve general needs for about three years. Higher end systems, while more costly, may be a good investment since systems at the bottom of a product line will generally have a shorter life span. A three year warranty is required for all university owned computers.  Please review these guidelines and specifications as they will change as the technology advances. To make purchases from the listed vendors, please follow the instructions below. Please note this information applies to computers purchased with university funds.

Purchasing a Dell

If you have never logged into the Dell Premier page then you will need to create a user name and password.

Go to the Dell Premier Login page and enter the required information. We suggest using your FIT email address as your username for ease of remembering it. However, we do not suggest using your TRACKS password as your login password. When finished click submit and you now have access to browse and configure your systems. Note: Logging in as an end user allows you to only configure and create quotes for those systems. Quotes can be emailed to yourself, to an approving authority, or to the purchasing office for processing.

If you already have a login to the Dell Premier page, follow the link and enter your e-mail address and password. Then choose from either End User or Software and Peripherals to enter that section of the site.

Purchasing an Apple/Mac

Go to The Apple Store and find the "Shop for your school" link. Enter "FLORIDA INST OF TECH", Melbourne, and the zip code (32901) in the 'Find your school" dialog box. Click find. Choose Florida Inst Of Tech and click continue. Choose the system that you want to purchase, then configure it and add it to your cart. Click save cart. It will then ask you to login or create an account. After doing so, review your cart and email it to yourself and/or the purchasing office.

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