Introduction to Computer Purchasing Guidelines

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2017-07-06 10:04

The specifications provided within have been established to ensure the longevity and value of newly purchased systems and to facilitate the support of existing systems. These specifications can also be used as a guide for students and employees who are interested in maximizing their investment when purchasing a new personal computer.

Meeting Your Needs

Newly purchased systems should be configured to maximize their life expectancy. A system that meets or exceeds the recommended minimum specifications should serve general needs for about three years. Higher end systems, while more costly, may be a good investment since systems at the bottom of a product line will generally have a shorter life span. Systems should be purchased based on their primary use. For instance, systems that will be using processor and memory intensive programs such as AutoCAD, Pro Engineer and Labview need to be configured at higher-end specifications. Systems to be used primarily for web browsing and word processing will only need to meet the minimum requirements.

About Warranties

A three year warranty is required for all university-owned computers. We recommend the purchase of a three year warranty for personal systems as well. Additionally, we recommend that students' warranties cover the students expected stay at the university and have provisions for an expedient turn around should repairs be needed. Only limited support is provided to student-owned systems.

Desktop Specifications

Laptop Specifications

Netbook Specifications

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