How do I reset my TRACKS password?

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2017-07-03 13:30

Resetting your TRACKS password may be necessary for several reasons. You may wish to change your password for security or personal reasons. You may have forgotten your password after not using TRACKS for an extended period of time. Your password may not be working when typing into a resource. Or, you may need to reset a password that is about to expire. Whatever the reason may be, you can reset your password using one of the methods below:

1. You wish to reset your password:

If your password has not expired, and you remember your old password, you can reset the password by going to, clicking the "Password Tools" link, then clicking "Change your Password." Alternatively, you can click here.

2. You have forgotten your password, or your password is not working: 

You can reset a forgotten or malfunctioning password by going to, clicking the "Password Tools" link, then clicking "Reset a Forgotten Password." Alternatively, you can click here.

You will be prompted to answer your account security questions. The default questions are the ones you provided on your application, unless you have already changed them. Please be aware that your home country may be set to United States. If you cannot answer these questions you must call the Technology Support Center at (321) 674-7284.

3. Your password is about to expire:

TRACKS passwords are set to expire every 180 days (or about 6 months) for account security. If your password is about to expire, or if it has expired, you will get email notifications to your Florida Tech email address. You can reset an expired password by going to, clicking the "Password Tools" link, then clicking "Reset an Expired Password." Alternatively, you can click here.

If you have tried these methods and are still unable to reset your password, it will be necessary for you to contact the Technology Support Center via email at or by calling (321) 674-7284.

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