How do I access my courses online?

Tech Support
2019-02-25 21:37

The way in which you access your courses online depends on what program of study you are enrolled in. See below to confirm which Learning Management System (LMS) is the one you should use.


The Canvas LMS can be accessed by going to either or by going to with your TRACKS username and password. Canvas is used by the students in the following programs of study:

  • Main Campus - Melbourne Undergraduate
  • Main Campus - Melbourne Graduate
  • Continuing Education (Applied Behavioral Analysis/Professional Development Program)
  • Extended Studies
  • Flight
  • Virtual Graduate

Florida Tech Online (Bisk)

Florida Tech Online has a proprietary LMS which only Bisk (UA) students can use. Bisk students can go to and sign in with either their Bisk username and password or their TRACKS username and password.

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