What is PAWS and how do I access it?

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2016-06-14 18:57

PAWS Student Information

PAWS enables students to register, add/drop classes, and access and print academic and personal information via the web. The PAWS home page may be accessed via http://t.fit.edu/ssb. While on the PAWS home page, you will be able to select for viewing Active Course Descriptions (by term), the Class Schedule and the current Final Examination Schedule, without logging in to the secure area of the system. Prospective students can view general financial aid information and access a process to inquire about or apply for admission to Florida Tech.

To access your personal, academic, and financial records you must log in from the PAWS home page. Log in using your TRACKS username and password. For more information about PAWS visit the Registrar's page about it.

PAWS Staff and Faculty Information

PAWS enables faculty and staff to enter hours on time sheets, view personal information, benefits, leave history and balances, job information, pay stubs, and W-2 forms. Faculty members can grade online, display student information and class lists, and process a student's registration. Log in using your TRACKS username and password.

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