Do you support website integration for social media and networking tools?

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2012-09-12 21:24

Yes! We often find that we need tools and services that are available for use outside the university. Social networking and Web 2.0 have made Facebook, MySpace, DIGG, Twitter, Google, and a myriad of other services necessary.

Web services is dedicated to providing integration to these services for the benefit of all our users of the Florida Tech web. Here are just a few examples of how we can assist you in integrating your externally hosted services with your university web presence.

Google Calendars - We can integrate your Google Calendar with your web site

Google Analytics - Content Managers can register to receive monthly Google Analytics reports

Facebook - You can also get dynamic content fed from your approved Facebook page or account.

Blogspot - Get integrated RSS feeds from your blog


Flickr - Have images stored on Flickr? We can help you to set up a dynamic feed on your Florida Tech website

Gadgets and Widgets - We love to hear new ideas for widgets and gadgets that can enhance our web presence. Let us hear your ideas!

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