How do I log on and use the Classroom Instructor Workstation?

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2020-04-16 12:45

Our multimedia classrooms feature special Instructor Workstations (IWS). By default Staff and Faculty are able to log into these systems while anyone else will need to request access.While it is recommended to attend a short (30 minute) workshop on Multimedia classrooms, it is not required. Those who need to request access are, however, required to do this step.

Many classrooms are outfitted with multimedia presentation equipment that allows instructors to deliver media-rich course content and record presentations as well. This seminar ensures optimal use instructional equipment for lecture delivery. Seminar participants receive a combination to the instructors™ workstation equipment drawer.

Specific Objectives
This seminar exposes instructors to new methods of delivering course content as well as introductory use of content capture (encapsulation) tools. Specific instruction is provided to:

  • Encourage the use of technology in the classroom experience to improve student understanding and retention of course content
  • Demonstrate the operation of the touchpanel, instructor™s station, projector, document camera, Sympodium/Smartboard, wireless microphone, wireless mouse, personal laptop and media player connections
  • Provide instructors with technical support information and further training opportunities


  • Experience in the use of Microsoft Windows 10 operating system
  • A university TRACKS account (can be requested through the Technology Support Center at x7284 or - If you are unable to login with your TRACKS account please click Here.

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