IPad Intune End-User Enrollment Guide

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2022-09-22 10:56

Florida Tech has implemented Intune to automatically deploy IPads so staff or faculty can setup and use an IPad right out of the box. If you purchased an IPad through the IT department, it should already be incorporated. Any devices that have been purchased prior to 2020 can be added. Please contact the IT Department to have the device added or if you are interested in getting a category made for your department.

Before or after enrolling, you may be asked to choose a category. Categories help IT staff determine which Applications and Policies to send to your
device(s). The current list of IPad categories can be found below:

Facilities IPads Used for the Facilities Department. Restrictions include no app store, limited system settings modifications.
Standard IPads Standard IPad that allows modification of settings, resetting the device, and app store. 

If further assistance is required, please create a ticket at www.it.fit.edu or by sending an email to tech-support@fit.edu

Enroll your iOS device in Intune

Note: Depending on what device you are using your screens may look different.

    1. Turn on the Device and Select a language for the device.

    2. Select a Region or Country (United States).

    3. Select "Set Up Manually" for the Quick Start page.

    4. Select "Eduroam" as the wireless network, and enter your TRACKS credentials.

    5. You may have to "Trust" the network certificate, shown below:

    6. Select "Next" on the Remote Management Page.

    7. After a few moments, you will be on the Password Creation page. Create a password for the device.

    8. Your device will open to the screen shown below. Sign in with your TRACKS@fit.edu email address.

    9. A window should now ask for your password, as shown below:

    10. Once you are signed in, a new window will open. Select "Begin" to start setting up Florida Tech Access.

    11. Select the appropriate device category for the device and press "Continue". See the list of categories and their restrictions at the top of this article.

    12. Select "Continue" on the next screen.

    13. Your device will finish loading some of the background applications and settings.

    14. Select "Done" when your device is all set.

    15. You will now be in the Company Portal Application. This application is Florida Tech's Private Application store where you may one click install work applications. Find out more about this application and how to request applications below.

    16. Press the home button to return to the home screen of your device. The End-User Enrollment is complete.

Company Portal

The Comp Portal application (or company portal), is Florida Tech's own application store. On intune enrolled devices, you are able to one-click install applications without an Apple ID. Applications like Word, Workday, and Adobe Reader are all available from the comp portal. 

If you are looking for an application that your team would like to purchase or have added to the company portal for easy installation, please contact the IT Helpdesk by sending an email to tech-support@fit.edu. Note: A standard IPad device can still install applications from the app store.

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