How do I connect to my U-drive with an FTP client (WinSCP)

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2022-09-22 10:46

Connecting to U-drive with (WinSCP)

This FAQ will walk you through connecting to your U drive with the FTP client WinSCP. There are other free FTP clients available such as FileZilla and FuGuFTP for Mac that will also work if you wish to use them.

1. Download and run the WinSCP client from

2. If prompted choose "Install for all users (recommended)" and choose "Yes" on the security prompt.

3. Accept the License Agreement, then choose "Typical installation" on the next screen.

4. Choose "Explorer" for the interface layout.

5. Finish the install and open WinSCP.

6. You will be prompted to set up your first connection. Fill out the information as seen in the image below and log in with your tracks username and password.

-- File Protocol: SFTP

-- Host name:

--port: 22

User Name: & Password: Tracks Login

7. Click "Save" then type "U Drive" for the Site Name and check "Create desktop shortcut" leave the rest as default.

8. Once saved you can click login when the U Drive is selected. 

9. Click "Yes" When prompted with the warning about the host key.

10. You should now have a "U Drive" icon on your desktop. When you connect you will have to re-enter your Tracks Password each time.

You should now have access to your U drive. If you have any questions or run into issues please contact Tech Support.

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