How do I forward my calls with Jabber?

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2020-03-19 03:39

Forwarding Calls with Jabber

Click the call settings button, located to the bottom right of the contacts list.

Select the Dropdown menu under Forward Calls.

Select the desired destination:

  • None will allow calls to ring on Cisco Desk Phones and within Jabber.
  • Voicemail sends calls directly to voicemail without ringing a Cisco Desk Phone or Jabber.
  • New Number allows an external phone number to be specified.

New Number window:

Enter the desired destination in 10-digit format (3212221212) and Click Forward.


To deactivate Call Forwarding simply repeat the process and choose None as the desired destination.

Note: Choosing None does not prevent unanswered calls from going to voicemail.


How do I use Jabber?

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