How do I forward my calls from my work phone to a different phone?

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2020-03-19 00:31

Forwarding your Desk Phone

CISCO Phones


If you have a Cisco phone like the one above, press the button below the “Forward all” in the display.


If you do not see “Forward All”, press the button bellow the dots to cycle through the button options.


Enter 10-digit destination number should be in 10-digit format such as 321-555-1212

When Forwarding is active the “Forward All” button automatically changes to “Forward Off”. Selecting “Forward Off” will deactivate forwarding.


Note: Cisco call forwarding can also be modified remotely using the Jabber application.

How do I use Jabber


HiPath Phones


Dial #91 + 9 + “destination number

The “destination number” should be in 10-digit format such as 321-555-1212


To deactivate call forwarding Dial ##91


Note: HiPath call forwarding modification requires physical access to the desk phone, however once the calls route to voicemail (after four rings) you can use the Jabber application to remotely change the destination from voicemail to an external number.

How do I use Jabber

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