How do I add/use my student organization Google Email Address? (Google Groups Email Address)

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2022-09-23 18:40


Accessing your new Google Group Email:


1. Open your email from

2. Click on Apps from the TRACKS Menu



3. Select Groups from the window that comes up (You may have to click More to see it) 



4. Select My Groups from the side menu



5. Select your group in the center pane



6. Click the My Settings icon in the top, right corner of your group’s topic page and select Membership and email settings



7. In the Membership settings window, click the menu to choose an email subscription option:

  • No Email: You do not want to receive messages to the group in your Gmail inbox, and will only use the Google Groups interface to read and respond to messages
  • Daily Summaries: You want to receive a summary email of new messages once a day
  • Combined Updates: You want to receive 25 messages bundled into a single email
  • All Email: You want to receive an email for each message that is sent to the group




To Send As the Google Group Email address from your Gmail account:


1. Open your email from

2. Click on Settings in the upper right hand corner of your email account and select Settings



3. Click on Accounts in the Settings Menu



4. Under Send mail as, select Add another email address you own



5. In the pop-up window:

For Name, enter the display name you want the group to be displayed as.

For Email Address, enter the group email address.

Then select Next Step >>



6. Select Send Verification



7. The Group Box will receive a confirmation email with two options for adding it to your mailbox:

Click on the link to add the Group email address to your mailbox

Confirmation code to enter and verify to add the Group email address to your mailbox




8. Now in your Mailbox, select Compose from the top left menu



9. In the New Message window, select the drop down in the From field, now you can select to Send As the group email address



10. For more options and settings, please follow this link,

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