What is ArcGIS?

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2020-04-17 12:36

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ArcGIS is a mapping software published by the ESRI company. This software allows the user to create maps for analysis of data, workforce routes, weather awareness and many other functions requiring mapping software. 



Florida Institute of Technology offers a network concurrent licensing for computer systems tagged with FIT Property stickers. Faculty and Staff who require the software for academic teaching purposes can request the software installation by contacting the Technology Support Center. Students are not permitted to have ArcGIS installations, they may use one of the many computer labs controlled by Lab Support Services.


Available Toolboxes and Seats

To request additional toolboxes or an increase to the number of seats, please contact the Technology Support Center. Seats are the amount of users that can checkout a specific license component at a given time. As each toolbox is checked out, a seat is consumed until the user exits out of the toolbox or software to free their seat. 


Maintaining of Software 

The Lab Support Services, Information Technology department is primary responsible for all licenses and software maintainance. They can be contacted through the Technology Support Center.


Locatation of Software

The software can be found in all Lab Support Services, Information Technology supported multimedia classrooms, open-computer labs, and instructor workstations. For a complete list of these specific locations, please click here: Computing Labs

Support requests can be forwarded to the Technology Support Center for processing by visiting their hompage at http://www.it.fit.edu

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