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Archive Mailbox

Exchange Online Archiving feature is a specialized archive mailbox that appears alongside the users’ primary mailbox folders in Outlook for Windows or Outlook Web App ( Users can access the archive in the same way that they access their primary mailboxes. In addition, they can search both their archives and primary mailboxes.

It allows your archives to be stored on the server and backed up like your primary mailbox rather than stored on your local computer.

The default size of your inbox is 2 GB and the online archive has 10 GB of storage space.

If you have archives on your computer that need to be moved over you will have to manually move them (instructions provided below).


The benefits of storing your archives on the server:

1. The archives are automatically backed up regularly. If your computer hard drive fails, your archives are safe.

2. You can have access to your archives from any computer, not just the one computer where you store the archives.

3. The server moves old emails out of your inbox and into the archives automatically if they are over 2 years old. The server recreates the folders in your inbox when moving old emails. You can set folders to archive emails older than 1 year, 6 months, 2 months, or even 1 month.



How to Access Online Archives:

Currently only three mail clients can view your Online Archives: Outlook OWA Personal Folders2010 for Windows, Outlook 2013 for Windows, and Outlook Web Access ( Outlook for Mac is not supported, so use Outlook Web Access.

The online archives are distinguishable from your regular archives by your email address which is attached to the archive name.

On the web access, it is called Personal Archive (pictured on the right).

Move emails to Online Archive:

To move a folder from your local archive to the server archive via local computer. Right click on the folder in the local archive and click on move.  Then, select the archive mailbox as the target folder.

Additonally, you can verify that it successfully uploaded (it will take some time depending on the size of the folders) by logging into the webmail ( and looking in the area labeled Personal Archive as shown on the right.

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