How can I connect Outlook/ Mail (mac) to my student Google Applications account?

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  1. Start Mircosoft Outlook. Make sure Yes is selected on the "Account Configuration" window and click next.
  2. Enter your first and last name, your student email address and password. Make sure you select "Manually Configure server settings or additional server types".

Your email address is your tracks ID followed by Email and Password, Select Manually configure server settings 

  • Your account name is your tracks ID followed by
  • You will have to decide if you want to use POP or IMAP.


3. Select "Internet E-mail" and click next.


Connect to POP or IMAP


4. Enter your first and last name, your student email address in User Information . Enter the following Incoming and Outgoing mail server information. Finally, enter you first and last name and password in "Login Information".


input mail servers along with login and user information


5. Select "More settings ..." and in the "Advanced" tab enter the following port information. Select SSL for IMAP and TLS for SMTP in the drop down menus.


  • For POP, the incoming server is port 995. *
  • For IMAP, the incoming server is port 993. *
  • The outbound server is port 587.
Input Incoming and Outgoing server and encryption connections  
6. Navigate to the "Outgoing Server" tab and check the box at the top for "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" and click OK. 
Check (My outgoing server) for SMTP authentication


7. Enter your user name and password for the follwing server in the new window and click OK.


E-mail login window


Look here for more information on how to enable student E-mail access on mobile devices


Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook is a plug-in for Outlook 2003 and 2007 that synchronizes email, calendar, and contacts data with Google Apps. It provides access to Global Address List data and enables users to schedule meetings by looking up when attendees are free or busy. It also includes a simple, two-click migration utility which enables users to easily copy their data from a previous Outlook data source, such as Microsoft Exchange servers. IMAP users will notice a significant performance improvement with Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook, which includes a high-performance synchronizer built upon MAPI, a low-level interface to Microsoft Outlook. It also uses an efficient email synchronization protocol, originally used in offline Gmail. Users can further optimize Outlook performance by specifying the size of the local copy of their Gmail mailbox.

To connect Outlook to Google Applications you'll need to download the Google Outlook Sync plug-in.

For more information please please see


Mail for Mac


1. First go to System Preferences (Apple Symbol in the top right corner) and choose Internet Accounts.


2. Then choose Google and enter all your information, you will have to set and use your Google Apps password (Step 2: here). Choose the description of the account if you wish, you can change this later.


3. Choose which services from the account you want to enable, you can change them later if you wish.


4. Open Mail, then choose Mail> Preferences. Click on the account that has the information for the, then Choose the Advanced Tab.


5. The last drop down for Authentication needs to be set to password.


6. Choose the first tab, Account Information> Outgoing Server Information> click on the dropdown and choose Edit SMTP list.


7. Make sure the server is selected for your student gmail account, and then choose Advanced.

8. In the dropdown please choose "Password" and type your Google Aps password in the box.

9. Click Ok and then choose a different account or try to close the Preferences window, you should be prompted with a dialog box asking if you would like Save the changes, make sure to click save.

If you have any difficulty with these instructions, pleace call us at 321-674-7284 and we would be happy to help you over the phone.


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