Receiving POP email error on send and receive - POP mailbox is locked.

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2014-10-14 14:20


Receiving POP email error on send and receive - POP mailbox is locked. Cannot receive new messages.


A mail client is attempting to access a locked POP account.


Close the mail client and reboot. Wait at least 10 minutes before opening the mail client again. (The reboot may not be needed but ensures that the application thoroughly quits.)  If this does not resolve the issue please contact the Technology Support Center.

Additional Info

When a mail client connects to the POP server it locks the POP account. When the mail client has completed its tasks it issues a QUIT command to the POP server which unlocks the account. If no QUIT signal is issued and the connection remains idle for 10 minutes, the account is unlocked automatically. If mutliple computers are trying to access the POP account at the same time, this could cause the mailbox to be locked and inaccessible. Also, if the refresh rate for send/receive is more frequent than 10 minutes and a message hangs for some reason, then the server will remain locked for 10 minutes. Likewise if a client accesses the mailbox and the receive is cancelled prior to completion, the server may remain locked. The server will unlock the account automatically after 10 minutes and at that time the mail client should be able to reconnect.

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