Who is responsible for backing up data on my personal computer?

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2020-04-13 20:24

This article applies to personally owned systems, not computers owned by Florida Tech.

Users should be aware that a number of hardware and software problems can cause data corruption on storage devices, such as hard disks or floppy disks. Each user is responsible for maintaining backup copies of important data on a secondary media source. This can be external hard drives, USB's or some cloud based data storage. 

For students they have access to unlimited storage through Google Drive during the duration that they are students. Further if you are an on campus student you can take advantage of the Udrive system which can be mapped to your personal system. To do this please see the instructions Here.

If your computer fails and the operating system or other software needs to be reinstalled, you must use your original software disks to restore your system. If you do not have original or backup software disks, you will have to repurchase software to restore your system.

We cannot distribute commercially licensed software without appropriate proof-of-ownership as described in the license agreement for each product.

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