What should I do if my computer is stolen?

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2020-04-10 11:31

The college assumes no financial responsibility, explicit or implied, for damages to or loss of personal property. If students are not covered by their parents' personal property insurance policy, they should check with any general insurance agency for details of securing such insurance.

While the university is not responsible for lost or stolen property, you should notify the Security Department. Security can be contacted at (321) 674-8111 or safety@fit.edu.

You should also contact the Technology Support Center and report the MAC address to them. (If previously connected to PanthAir, this is retrievable by the TSC) The computer's network hardware (MAC) address can be added to a Network Security "watch list," and if the device is connected to the campus network, the Technology Support Center can try to locate it. No guarantee of locating the item is explicit or implied.

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