How do I remove paragraph spacing in Word?

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2012-10-29 21:02

Word 2007 and beyond will add a space between paragraphs by default. This space cannot be removed by using the backspace key.


If you don’t want Word to add the extra space, you can turn it off. However, you will need to turn it off every time you open a new document unless you alter the template.


You can remove the space between paragraphs you’ve already typed in your document. Simply highlight the paragraphs and then follow the steps below.


To turn off the space between paragraphs, follow these steps:

1. On the Home ribbon, find the Paragraph section.

2. In the bottom right corner of the section, click the button to show the Paragraph dialog box.



3. Select “Don’t add space between paragraphs of the same style.” You can also change the spacing to 0 pt.

Step 3


4. Click OK.

5. This step is optional. You can change the default settings on the normal template so that you don’t have to change paragraph spacing every time you open a new document. Click Set As Default. A window will pop up. Select “All documents based on the Normal template.” Click OK.



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